Looking at New Online Slot – Safari Madness from NetEnt

Looking at New Online Slot – Safari Madness from NetEnt

Safari Madness is an online slot game created by Net Entertainment. It is most well known for its unusual theme, which is based around a seemingly eccentric tourist visiting the African savannah and scaring the wildlife.

The game is also designed to appear as if it is sitting in a real world casino, with the background of the game perfectly recreating a casino environment. In terms of game play, Safari Madness has taken an extremely minimalist approach, shirking the standard five reel system and using just three reels. There are also only five pay lines, which is a great deal less then can be expected at most modern slot games. The benefit to the player is, however, that the game is extremely easy to understand, with minimal fuss and almost no special effects or animations.

It can be said that Safari Madness is perhaps making a concerted effort to return to the roots of slot games, where glitz and glamour were second to a streamlined game play experience. For those who play slot games for the best visual experience, however, Safari Madness is probably not the best choice. The game is available on mobile phone, desktop computer, and tablet.

Symbols and Play Style

The graphics in Safari Madness are in line with the rest of the game design, that is to say, extremely simple. The most valuable symbol is the afore mentioned eccentric game ranger, recognisable via his cowboy hat and sunglasses. He is worth a good amount if matching three times. Keep in mind that symbols in the game may match only three times, given the restrictive nature of a three reel system.

There is, after all, only three possible positions in which any symbol may match. The second most valuable symbol is the triple bar symbol, followed by the double bar symbol, and the single bar symbol. The lesser valuable symbols in the game include the lion, jeep, frog, three antelope, two antelope, and one antelope. The one antelope symbol is the least valuable in the game, but will payout if appearing on any of the left hand reels.

Special Features

There is little in the way of special features in Safari madness, with only one outstanding feature worth mentioning. The game works on a system referred to as the all or nothing system, which is a rare, but highly lucrative occurrence. If all the positions on all the reels are filled by a single symbol, an instant large payout is made, depending on the value of the symbol.

All game rangers in all positions is the most valuable pay out in the game, and although nothing that will be sending a person to an early retirement, it will certainly put a few smiles on a few faces. The other symbols in the game likewise give large payouts in the all or nothing system as per their previously mentioned values. The antelopes, however, have no all or nothing value, and are not included in this system.