How To Win Playing Online Craps

How To Win Playing Online Craps

Though die-hard fans of conventional land-based casino Craps might disagree, the truth is there is very little difference between land-based and online casino Craps. You won’t physically throw any dice, but the rules, house edge, and bets, are all the same. The only major difference is that the highest Odds bet allowed for online Craps is 3x, while land-based casino Craps can be 10x, up to 100x.

Otherwise, with the huge advancement in the graphics and playability of online games in recent years, online Craps is seriously giving its land-based counterpart a run for its money.

Here are some basic strategic tips to help you make the most of online Craps and potentially win big.

Minimize the House Edge

Keeping a low house edge when betting is a standard method when playing casino games especially for real money bingo. The higher the house edge, the more chance you will lose over time. Taking note and learning to understand the house edge of each bet, and also how combining odds bets can lower it, is highly recommended.

The Pass Line bet and Come bet, for example, both have a low house edge of 1.41%. Lower still is the Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets with a house edge of 1.40%, or in some casinos 1.36%.

Odds bets have zero house edge, making them very popular on their own. However, it is very important and useful to keep in mind that they can also be combined with other bets to lower the house edge.

An example of utilizing this is playing the Pass Line or Come bet with full odds backing it up. The lowest possible house edge using this method is 0.021%, giving the player a very high chance of winning.

The Iron Cross

The Iron Cross, also known as Anything But Seven, is a popular and reliable strategy in Craps that is known to produce frequent wins. This makes 7, as the latter name suggest, a number to avoid, but allows winning on every other number.

An example of this strategy would be, for instance, to place bets on the 5, 6, and 8. This will guarantee a win of some kind, just as long as it’s not 7.

Though this strategy doesn’t have the lowest house edge, it can be a fun and easy way for both winning, and/or learning the game, at a gentle pace.

High Risk Equals Greater Reward

If you’re feeling lucky and want to take some risks to potentially win big, here are some simple strategies to try. Keep in mind that the house edge of these bets will be high, and they will only last for a single roll.

  • 2 and 12 have the highest payout in Craps, at 30 to 1.
  • Yo (11) has a payout of 15 to 1. So does the same bet on 3 but is less popular due to being one of the Craps numbers (2, 3, & 12).
  • Hi-Lo is a bet on either 2 or 12 being rolled, with a payout of 15 to 1.