Place Bets on the FIFA World Cup with an Exclusive Guide

Place Bets on the FIFA World Cup with an Exclusive Guide

With over 211 eligible teams, the FIFA World Cup is the biggest opportunity for great sports betting. This world class event is held every 4 years, with a 3 year lead up to the event.

The three years preceding the Cup is the qualifying phase that determines which 32 teams enter the final FIFA World Cup tournament.

The whole 4 year lead-up to the FIFA World Cup offers great chances for single/money line bets, spread bets, futures and more. The tournament itself offers exciting betting opportunities on the 32 teams competing.

There are favourite teams that usually show a very strong performance, but at the same time the event has many notorious upsets that have resulted in big payoffs for lucky bettors.

The Competing Nations in the Cup

In the 20 events that have taken place since the inception of the FIFA World Cup in 1930, 8 teams have come out on top. Brazil is always a favourite, with 5 cups under their belt.

Germany and Italy are also very strong contenders with 4 titles each. England, Spain and France have each won one title, with Uruguay winning two.

The total viewership of the FIFA World Cup events exceeds even the Olympic Games. Previous finals have consistently had viewership’s exceeding 600 million people.

Sports betting site offer the simplest and most convenient way to place wagers on this extremely popular event.

Choosing the Best Sports Betting Site

With all the online soccer betting sites available, picking the right one for you can be challenging. It is essentially to do some research before signing up to a site because the odds offered at sites can vary and for finding out some sportsbooks, visit here.

Sites set their own odds for events, which is a doubled edged sword. You often receive better odds that are more competitive than the odds offered by brick and mortar sports bookmakers, but at the same time it can be overwhelming to find the best FIFA World Cup odds.

Online lists can help a lot that will list the top ten best sites for wagering. Reviews of betting sites can also offer clarity on where to sign up for wagering.

The Role Customer Service Plays

A rarely consider aspect when choosing your FIFA World Cup sports betting site is customer service. Try to find the top sports betting sites that offer you many ways to reach their support staff.

24 hour support is also a great thing to have so that if you are playing late at night, you won’t have to wait until morning to get a resolution on problems.

Making your Deposits and Withdrawals

Real money wagering on the FIFA World Cup will require bettors to first sign up at a sports book site, then making a real money deposit into your created player account.

Making these deposits can be a breeze if you choose a site that offers many different accepted deposit methods. Bank transfers or debit and credit card payments are accepted at most sites. Another convenient way to make payments is to use eWallet payment services.

When it comes to collecting winnings, you can use many of the same methods to make your withdrawals.

If a site has preferred methods to make these payments and withdrawals, take advantage of them as you will get more benefits, including larger withdrawals or faster payout times.