A Quick Look at Online Scratch Cards by NetEnt

A Quick Look at Online Scratch Cards by NetEnt

Scratch cards are really similar to lottery tickets, but with instant prizes. You do not have to wait for a draw to find out if you are a winner. With scratch cards, you scratch away the top layer of the card, exposing the symbols underneath.  When you find a winning combination of symbols, you will receive a prize.

Nowadays, thanks to the advance of modern technology, all casino games can be played online, or on a mobile device. NetEnt, one of the premier developers of casino games, has devised a wide range of scratch cards that can be played online.

In the new series of scratch cards, the scratching away of the top layer on the card has been replaced by the player using a device that points to the elements of the theme of the scratch card. Very often, in the latest series of scratch cards, all play is accomplished by clicking on the buttons around the edge of the screen.

Online Scratch Cards Offer All the Benefits of Conventional Cards

The way an online scratch card works is basically the same as the conventional paper scratch card. Symbols are uncovered, sometimes with an amount of money as well. If you can match the symbols, and they match the pay table, you will win a prize.

Winning chances of scratch cards is relatively high, especially so with NetEnt scratch cards. All the screens of the NetEnt scratch cards will incorporate an overview of each scratch card and their payout percentage. There will also be a list of rules for that particular scratch card game that can be found on the side of the screen.

Scratch cards have a set price for each round. You cannot place extra bets on win lines or adjust the value of the coins. Every card has a set price, and prices are not always the same. In most of NetEnt scratch cards the price will be between one and two Euros per card, but prices may vary, even between different NetEnt casinos.

Convenient Scratch Cards

Convenient and Easy to Obtain

The convenience and ease of obtaining online scratch cards does certainly not mean that the original paper cards are not available any more, or that their prizes are lower than the online scratch cards.

But when all the usual places where you can buy the scratch cards are closed, you can still find a wide lucrative array of scratch cards to play by logging on to your computer like finding out the live cricket betting . The online scratch cards by NetEnt , though, also provide a special dimension to your entertainment, by the originality of their design and the pay-outs offered.

Prizes and Costs May Vary

Prizes in the latest range of NetEnt scratch cards may also vary from game to game. Some new scratch cards offer prizes with different multipliers attached, which can certainly increase the amount of the prize you receive. NetEnt has even devised a scratch card game that offers lucky players a huge progressive jackpot. The original paper scratch cards were a very popular form of gambling.

You scratch and reveal nine or more amounts, and if three of these are the same, that amount will be yours. Another reason for their popularity is due to their low cost, together with the opportunity of large instant wins. There is no waiting for the lottery numbers to be drawn to discover whether there is a prize for you or not.