iPhone Pachinko Basics for Casino Players

iPhone Pachinko Basics for Casino Players

One of the most exciting things about the casino gaming industry is how it has given rise to exciting new entertainment opportunities. One of these is pachinko, a Japanese game that brings the slot machine and the pinball machine together.

The reels in this game are not spun by players using a spin button; rather, they are triggered by a ball that the player shoots into a game board marked with obstacles.

In land-based casinos, the game is played using a vertical board, but with iPhone pachinko available at top quality online and mobile casinos, players can enjoy all the action in the palm of their hands.

A Closer Look at iPhone Pachinko

Designed by award-winning software developers the iPhone pachinko games at top quality sites are a faithful reproduction of the game’s land-based counterpart.

They feature brilliant 3D graphics, interfaces that are easily navigated, stunning sound effects, and smooth playing action that doesn’t not hang or freeze.

The game features two connected playing areas; the board and the reels. The reels are found either in the centre of the board, or just below it.

After placing their bets, players need to shoot the pachinko ball into the board marked with obstacles and gadgets. This is done by swiping the launch lever from top to bottom, before releasing it.

Players need to try controlling the force with which the ball is launched up a side channel and into the board, so that it travels into pockets that trigger the reels. This is dependent on how far down the player swipes the launch lever.

To make things a little more challenging, not every pocket triggers the reels. Some simply swallow the ball, ending the round, while others may trigger special features.

If players are lucky enough to trigger the iPhone pachinko reels, they could win more balls or massive jackpots.

Play this exciting, entertaining game at home, at the office, or on the move at top online and mobile casinos.

Play for Free or With Real Money

Pachinko is a game that lends itself to light-hearted, good natured fun, but that doesn’t mean it is not potentially lucrative.

Recommended online and mobile casinos give players the choice of playing iPhone pachinko for its entertainment value by offering trial versions, No Deposit bonuses, and Free Bets promotions. However, players can also use casino banking services to play the game with real money.

Doing so gives players a chance to win big, and to claim generous bonuses, loyalty points, and special offers.

Download and No Download Playing Options

The quickest and easiest way for players to enjoy the fun and suspense of pachinko on their iPhones is to play the No Download Flash games in browser.

This option does not require any downloads. All players need is an active internet connection.

Another way to enjoy the thrills of iPhone pachinko is to download the apps for iOS devices available at these sites. The download option offers players an expanded selection of games, as well as mobile-optimised services.