Introducing You about Wager Coins for Online Slots

Introducing You about Wager Coins for Online Slots

Online casinos feature literally thousands of slot titles due to their immense popularity. They are simple to play both on desktop computers and mobile devices. Since online casinos are available to an international audience, it can be difficult to adapt each title to international currencies.

To get around this problem, developers have made non denominational in game coins a standard feature. These coins can be used as a place holder so that developers can simply ship their software to online casinos without needing to be concerned whether the in game wagers are either too expensive for new players, or too low for seasoned players. It has given both developers as well as players a lot more freedom since players can adjust their wagering to their personal budget. These coins have not just been introduced to slot titles, but every online gaming title, from blackjack and poker to online scratch cards and lotteries.

Real Money Slots Using Coins

In slot titles, players can activate the pay lines by wagering coins on each line. These coins can be adjusted in value depending on how much players wish to wager. Depending on the currency that players wish to wager in, these coins can range in denominations of from Euros to Dollars.

Each online slot developer would vary the minimum and maximum value of these wager coins depending on the type of game or the specific laws related to specific countries. For instance in low limit and high limit titles, there would be a big difference in the minimum and maximum value of a single in game coins. Using coins essentially eliminates the need of taking into account exchange rates and currency fluctuations. Developers simply take into consideration how many coins players can wager on each pay line, then allow them to adjust the monetary value themselves per coin.

Wager Coins and Player Satisfaction

Due to the use of non denominational coins, developers have been able to expand their online slots game themes and layouts without needing to consider what currencies the players will be wagering in. It has also given slot players more personal freedom in their wager behaviour. It also allows for players to create a gaming budget and stick to it. Furthermore adjustable coins have meant that casual players can try out real money wagering. Casinos can safely tap into the casual player market and potentially make high rollers of an untapped customer base since players can gain more confidence in real money wagering.

Wager Coins and Casino Promotions

Online casinos offer a variety of bonus features and promotions based on the amounts players have wagered during the time they have been members of the site. Essentially the more players wager per coin on each spin, the more eligible they become for special prizes or cash bonuses. These are usually awarded through loyalty points earned. Eventually players can become VIP members of the online casino and can get free spins on slot titles, free wager coins at a pre determined value or be given access to high stakes games where the in game wager coins can be adjusted to higher values than regular games.