Exclusive Details about 2 Ways Royal Video Poker

Exclusive Details about 2 Ways Royal Video Poker

This is a rather unique take on the game of video poker, which itself is a combination of two of the biggest industry leading games, slots and of course poker. This particular variety of video poker can be found from the likes of Playtech and Betsoft and incorporates the game of five card draw into a reel driven betting game. As such the game is fairly easy to pick up and play, especially if players are familiar with this poker game draw style.

The gameplay is fairly straightforward, with players ultimately going up against a pay table rather than other players or even really a dealer. This is where the name 2 Ways Royal features in, with it referencing the fact that both the high and low straight flushes carry with them the same pay out, and so effectively this game of video poker has two best hands. The pay out from such things is tallied based on size of bets played and the Jacks or better hand formations made.

Availability of 2 Ways Royal Video Poker

The online casino world is pretty great at the moment, allowing the players of said world to find games like 2 Ways Royal in one of the better online settings. As such, and thanks to the developers of such games, games like this can be played on mobile platforms across different operating systems, and usually are found at some of the top sites and offerings therein. Here players can find bonuses, security features and more to go alongside the video poker game 2 Ways Royal online.

The Rules of 2 Ways Royal Poker

The poker variation included in this blend of video poker is 5 card draw, meaning that it is played with a deck of 52 cards, no jokers, and the option to exchange cards during the turn. That is to say that in 2 Ways Royal video poker players are dealt 5 cards in a slot like fashion. They may then select between none and all of these cards drawn to discarded and replaced, once this has happened the hand is automatically compared to the pay table available in this video poker game and appraised for strength, the stronger the hand the more the return. This is the stage then to become properly affiliated with the different poker hands able to be constructed.

The available hands in Jacks or better poker, the system found on 2 Ways Royal video poker, is pretty much self-explanatory, with the minimum requirement to land a win being a hand comprising of at the least a pair of Jacks or better. This is a pair, beaten by a 2 pair, a 3 of a kind, a straight, a flush, a full house and a four of a kind. The only thing that beats this is the straight flush, the highest of this is the Royal flush, consisting of the cards 10 through to Ace of a single suit. In this game however, the lower straight flush of cards 2 through to 6 in a suit carries the same pay out as the Royal flush, effectively allowing for 2 Ways Royal to occur.