Everything You Need to Know about Online Classic Slots

Everything You Need to Know about Online Classic Slots

In a world in which so much can change overnight, it is almost unbelievable that the action offered by one of the most popular casino game genres has hardly changed in 100 years. With 3 reels, the online classic slots available at the best gaming sites deliver thrills similar to those enjoyed by the first slots players.

In addition to titles that offer a fully retro experience, you also can find those that take things a step further by incorporating special features that were unknown a century ago. Read on and find out all about this slot game category.

Invented by Charles Fey

The forerunner of the classic slot machine was a drum-based Poker machine that offered prizes to players whose game resulted in a winning hand. The machine was created in the late 1800s by Sittman and Pitt, a manufacturing firm based in Brooklyn, New York City.

The Poker machine possibly gave the Bavaria-born, San Francisco-based mechanic Charles Fey the inspiration he needed to start working on his own design for a gaming machine. Sometime around the beginning of the 1900s, Fey unveiled his invention, and players couldn’t get enough of it.

That very first classic slot game had 3 reels on which were imprinted diamonds, hearts, horseshoes, spades, stars, and cracked Liberty Bells. The latter symbol gave the machine by which it has been known ever since. To play it, players inserted a 5c coin and pulled the lever. They would win coins if all 3 reels produced the same symbol.

Classic Slots Go Online

The rest of the 20th century saw slot games electrified and made even more engrossing with the addition of video screens. An entirely new chapter in their history began in the 1990s, when innovative software providers launched the first online classic slots.

In the early 2000s, they developed editions for mobile devices, and later created games using HTML5, which offers gaming in browser on computer, smartphone, and tablet.

Beefing Up the Action

There are plenty of online classic slots that offer purely vintage-style gaming. Those games feature 3 reels, a single payline, and some even mimic the interface of land-based machines, complete with coin slot.

However, you also can find title that modernise the experience. Even though they retain the 3-reel format, they beef up the action by including a few special features. The most common features include Wild symbols that replace regular icons in winning combinations, Bonus symbols that award Free Spins, and Multipliers that multiply the payouts to which they are applied.  

Playing the Games

Image of Liberty Bell Slot

You can play classic slots online in almost the same way that players played the Liberty Bell more than 100 years ago. To do so, like making wagers in cycling betting NZ, you place a bet and spin the reels, which you can do by using the controls on the game interface to select the size of your bets, and then clicking or tapping the spin button.

The reels will spin, and the Random Number Generation software will produce the results that appear as symbols. You win if the resulting symbol combination matches one on the paytable.