1 Can 2 Can Online Slot Details for Internet Casino Players

1 Can 2 Can Online Slot Details for Internet Casino Players

1 Can 2 Can slot game is brought to you by Next Gen. It features a colourful theme based around an adorable toucan, and if anything can be said for the game it’s that it certainly makes liberal use of the cheerful bird. Brought to life with cartoon-ish artwork and incredibly detailed graphics the 1 Can 2 Can slot game is a visual feast for the eyes.

Two toucans are perched either side of the play area, and the smiling birds can’t seem to sit still. Celebrating when the player achieves a win and even occasionally taking off to fly around, it won’t be long before these multicoloured birds have found a place in the player’s heart. It also can’t be denied that the background of the game is beautiful, depicting a rainforest complete with bubbling waterfall. This, combined with the suitably atmospheric ambient sound put the 1 Can 2 Can slot game in the top tiers of games as far as visual design is concerned.

Colourful Forest Wildlife

Every symbol design in the 1 Can 2 Can slot game is bursting with bright colours, from the bundles of tasty fruit to the various animals. The most valuable standard symbol, a lemur, looks at the player with raised eyebrow, clutching a plum in his hand. And not only is a begging for a scratch on the belly, he is also a highly valuable friend to have. Match him five times and feel your wallet swell.

Even the traditional 9, 10, jack, queen, king and ace symbols are accompanied by colourful fruit, managing to make the otherwise dull design choice a beautiful sight to behold. Next Gen really knew what they were doing with this game in the visuals department, that much can’t be denied.

Game Design

The 1 Can 2 Can slot game itself utilises a 5 reel, 25 betting line system, which is standard with many modern slot games played online here. The betting lines may be raised or lowered manually, using the interface at the bottom of the screen, which allows for many strategic options.

Also take note of the gamble feature, to the left of the spin button, which is the fast way to potentially double every which achieved. Remember to use this option with caution, however, as guessing the value of the facedown card wrong will void the win completely.

Bonuses and Specials

The wild symbol is the only symbol that could perhaps have been more colourful, appearing as the simple written word wild. But, what it lacks in colour it makes up for in lucrative potential. The wild symbol will match with any other symbol to create a winning sequence, and may be matched with itself for huge jackpot payouts.

The other bonus symbol to look out for in the 1 Can 2 Can slot game is the scatter symbol, appearing as a silhouette of palm trees against a sunset, yet another beautiful addition to the game. The scatter symbol will instantly grant free spins upon being matched, up to a total of 10. Plus, during the free spins extra wilds are added to the reels.